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Pure Leverage Hard Drive Crusher

Pure Leverage Hard Drive Crusher

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- Manually operated crusher for destroying hard drives.
- Suitable for destruction of desktop, laptop and server drives.
- Effectively destroy up to 500 hard drives per hour.
- Includes adapter for destruction of small data carriers.
- With adapter also suitable for SSDs, mobile phones and tablets.
- High quality powder coated steel frame.
- Meets NSA recommendations for physical hard drive destruction.
- No electricity required, can be used at any location.
- Three year warranty.



The Pure Leverage Drive Crusher is a manually operated "destroyer" for quickly and effectively destroying hard drives and SSDs. The crusher uses the leverage effect to exert a large force on a hard drive. By pressing the arm of the crusher down, a hard disk is broken in an angle. This involves bending and destroying the internal components of the hard drive such as platters, read heads and electronics. This causes a hard drive to become irreparably damaged and no longer accessible.

In addition to destroying standard size 3.5" hard drives, the Pure Leverage Drive Crusher can also be used to destroy other data carriers such as Solid State Drives (SSD), 2.5" laptop hard drives, mobile phones and tablets. The "Small Device Adapter" is supplied as standard with the crusher for this purpose. This adapter can be placed in the crusher to easily destroy smaller data carriers.

Various automatic crushers are also available on the market for physically destroying hard drives. However, these are heavy and expensive systems. The Pure Leverage Drive Crusher offers the same results at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the Pure Leverage destroyer does not require electricity, so it can be used at any desired location. Depending on the user, the Pure Leverage Crusher can destroy up to 500 hard drives per hour. The Pure Leverage Drive crusher meets NSA requirements for physical hard drive destruction.

The durable steel frame of the Pure Leverage Drive Crusher has a black powder coating and provides a sturdy and stable base. The arm of the crusher can easily be adjusted in two positions so that high-profile server hard drives can also be destroyed. In addition to periodically greasing the hinges, the Pure Leverage destroyer is completely maintenance-free. The crusher comes with a three-year warranty as standard.


Model Pure Leverage Drive Crusher
Product code DCV71
System Manually operated crusher. Physical destruction by means of bending.
Operation Manual with lever.
Connection None.
Supported media Standard 3.5" desktop and server hard disk drives.
With Small Device Adapter: 2.5" and 1.8" laptop hard drives, SSD's, mobile phones*, tablets*.
* Batteries must be removed before media is crushed.
Media dimensions Up to 3.5 cm high.
Usage cycle Continuous, manual operation.
Capacity Up to 500 hard drives per hour, depending on operator.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 990 x 270 x 245 mm (with arm in down position).
Weight 12.6 kg (incl. Small Device Adapter).
Power supply None, manual operation.
Operating conditions n.a.
Indications None.
Compliance Standards DIN66399
- H3 for hard drives.
- T1 for magnetic tapes.
- E1 for electronics.
Meets NSA/CSS recommendations for Hard Drive destruction.
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Guidelines for Media Sanitization SP 800-88r1.
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).
HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act).
Warranty 36 months carry-in warranty.
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